• We lay down the foundations for future generations of Africans to live, work and play in cities and  communities that offer economic opportunities, and where they can design smart governance and business processes that are robust and stable by providing a coherent framework that governments,  academia and industry can use to implement Smart City infrastructures and services;
  • We facilitate investments and provide advisory services as well as education and training to governments, businesses, public and private service providers and other institutions in Africa, to  help  them launch Smart City and Community projects that provide opportunities for new smart  technologies; basic safety, security, knowledge and environmental health, productive economies and  educational attainment, etc, as well as address the huge demands on land, resources and services associated with expanding urban living environments.
  • We connect African cities and communities through Internet, promote e-governance, and transform  African cities into digitally empowered societies by implementing collaborative, integrated Smart City and Community Planning and operation, that maximise city-wide data to deliver more agile  processes; employing modern multi -criteria simulation and visualization tools.
  • We act as a market accelerator and advisor to governments – advocating for the transformation of  urban and rural areas into more liveable, workable and sustainable communities by partnering with  leading technology companies with deep expertise in areas such as Housing, energy, water,  communications and transportation to provide a collaborative and vendor-neutral framework.