Accreditation and Certification 

Accreditation refers to the official recognition of a company’s suitability for preparing Halal goods on their premises. A fixed cost applies for the first manufacturing site, with secondary sites charged at a discounted rate. The price of accreditation varies according to the nature of the manufacturing premises, and is included in the quotation provided to your company after assessment. This quotation is normally provided within seven days of receipt of application.

Certification refers to the official recognition of individual products as complying with Halal requirements. Generally, products in low to medium risk categories that have fewer ingredients (up to ten ingredients) are charged at a minimal rate, with fees adjusted accordingly for products in higher risk categories and/or products that have a wider and more complex range of ingredients. Exact certification fees are determined after assessment of the nature of your products, and included in the quotation provided to your company.

Our Halal Certification and Accreditation logo helps to visibly identify your product as meeting halal requirements to both local and international consumers.

What is Halal Certificate?

A halal certificate is a document issued by an Islamic organization, certifying that the products it covers meet the Islamic dietary guidelines, comprising of, but not limited to, the following: the product does not contain pork or its by-products; the product does not contain alcohol; the product does not contain prohibited food ingredients of animal origin; the product has been prepared and manufactured on clean equipment; and meat and poultry components are from animals slaughtered   according to Islamic law.

Types of Halal Certificates and Duration

There are two types of halal certificates, and their duration depends on the type of food or beverage. The first type of certificate is a site registration certificate, which signifies that a plant, production facility, food establishment, slaughterhouse, abattoir or any establishment handling food has been inspected and approved to produce or serve halal food. It does not mean that all food products made or handled at such a facility are halal-certified. A site certificate may not be used as a halal product certificate.

The second type of halal certificate is for a specific product or a specific quantity. This certificate signifies the listed product or products meet the halal guidelines formulated by the certifying organization. Such a certificate may be issued for a specified quantity of the product destined for a particular distributor/importer. If the certificate is for a specific quantity, it may be called a batch certificate or a shipment certificate. Meat and poultry products, where each batch or consignment has to be certified, generally receive a batch or shipment certificate.

The duration for which a certificate is valid depends upon the type of product. A batch certificate issued for each consignment is valid for as long as that specific batch or lot of the product is in the market–generally, up to product expiration date or “use by” date. In a separate case, if a certified product is made according to a fixed formula, a certificate may be issued for a one-, two- or three-year period. The product remains halal-certified, as long as it meets all the established and agreed-upon production and marketing requirements between the company and the halal- certifying organization.


Inspection is a fundamental part of the certification and accreditation process. Inspections not only help us to better understand your company’s unique needs, but also encourage consumer trust and confidence in the integrity of halal certification processes. Inspections usually occur on a yearly basis, and a standard inspection is normally up to two hours. Inspections are charged according to standard rates, with travelling expenses charged at cost basis.

To commence the process for the certification of your products, please download the application form.

To commence the process for the halal abattoir, please download the Halal abattoir form.

To commence the process for the halal health, please download the Halal Health product form.

To commence the process for the halal caterers, please download the Halal Caterers form.