In developing the Initiative, AFRIEF has followed a rigorous scientific method. It has produced original ideas and developed expertise on methodological approaches. Activities will be developed with a blend of learning technologies and supported by quality assurance and certification. Design methods will cater for a holistic learning process combining knowledge (know-what); skills (know-how); and attitudes (know-why).

Knowledge: Mastery of Halal economy to enable innovative approaches to shape Halal economy policies, through an enhanced understanding of local and international issues and market trends in the sector;

Skills: Development of advanced skills and the ability to translate knowledge into effective execution, including through Halal entrepreneurship, enterprise development and management, and to use ICT tools to facilitate the creation and distribution of halal products and services;

Attitudes: Through a deep knowledge of the web of relationships underlying the Halal economy enable critical and reflective thinking to develop the sector, supporting a shared vision that creates value and promoting socioeconomic development.