The market opportunity represented by Islamic Finance in Africa is too significant to ignore. The challenge is to enter the market quickly while minimising costs and risks. The Program has therefore assembled a strong team of specialists in Islamic Finance with wide-ranging experience to help clients in all areas of the business.

The program articulates policy and strategy, designs and implements evaluations, and delivers trainings on each. For example, it responds to requests from national partners to design and facilitate a process of creating a national Islamic banking and finance regulatory frameworks, and the development of blueprints and strategy-setting in African countries. It operates on a BOTT model (Build, Operate, Train and Transfer). It takes care of everything one needs to launch an Islamic Finance Project in Africa.

Other Services being rendered by the program include:

  1. Development of strategy and business plans

  2. Feasibility studies

  3. Strategic business reviews

  4. Debt restructuring

  5. Private placement memoranda

  6. Setting up full fledge Islamic banks/windows

  7. Islamic private equity transactions

  8. Design of operating models

  9. Organisation design and comprehensive HR support

  10. Core banking systems selection

  11. Regulatory compliance

  12. Regulatory Strategy

  13. Training

  14. Internal Audit

  15. Assurance

  16. Shari’ah Audit