An Initiative to Partner with Municipalities and the Private Sector

to Build Smart Modern Cities and Communities in Africa!

  1. 1.6 Trillion US Dollars; Africa’s Collective GDP, at 2008, Equal to Brazil or Russia’s.
  2. Africa Has 52 Cities with over 1 Million People -Equal to Western Europe.
  3. 40 Percent of Africa’s One Billion People Live in Cities – a Proportion Roughly Comparable to China’s population and Higher than India’s.
  4. Africa’s top 18 Cities Projecting a Combined GDP of $1.7 trillion, Making African Cities a Growing Economic Force.

How Can we Help You?

If you are a municipality (City or a country) or a private developer or entrepreneur already in the process of planning and preparing to develop a Smart City or Community project in Africa, please complete our  engagement application form   to enable us to help you design the right strategy and develop all the capabilities you require implementing it.