AFRIEF and BlueBridge Set the Stage for Promoting Interest-free and Asset –based Paradigm of Economic Development in Nigeria. 

15th February, 2017 – Abuja, WA – The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF), an independent organization and a Nigerian Consulting firm has put in place an agreement for the collaboration in a wide range of projects involving research, training, policy development, and community-focused work designed to promote asset-based/interest-free paradigm of economic development in Nigeria. The agreement establishes a collaborative relationship that encompasses common strategic objectives in the areas of interest free and asset-based paradigm of economic development, project and business development, micro-entrepreneurship development among vulnerable groups, such as women, youth, the urban and rural poor, training and education, Islamic economy, commodity development and facilitation, and the development of small business incubators, product development and advisory service programs.

The cooperation also envisaged under the agreement will primarily be achieved through market research and exchange of information, consultations, joint organization and mutual participation in conferences, exhibitions, fairs and road shows.

Baba Yunus Muhammad, President of the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation defined this MOU as “a milestone to foster a coordinated and consistent approach in the development of the interest-free and asset backed economic development paradigm in Nigeria”, adding that “this agreement reflects the desire of the two organisations to provide systems approach to economic development that creates an inclusive, sustainable economy built on locally rooted and broadly held ownership”.

Rashidat I. Bakare, Chief Executive Officer of BlueBridge Smart Projects Limited welcomed the cooperation, saying: “this agreement defines a significant event paving the way for the two organisations to create a new system that enables inclusive enterprises and communities to thrive and helps families increase economic security in Nigeria”.


AFRIEF Media Unit

15th February, 2017.

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