TAMALE, GHANA – APRIL 30, 2020 – The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF), and Glocal Healthcare Systems (Pvt) Limited are happy to announce that they have on the 28th April, 2020 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enter into a strategic collaboration to reduce poverty and accelerate Africa’s pace of economic growth and development through the delivery of affordable, quality and accessible State of the Art Healthcare services.

The partnership is a culmination of several exploratory engagements between AFRIEF and GLOCAL on how to synergize their respective strengths, expertise, and resources in service of affordable and world class healthcare provision in Africa – especially in the wake of the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID – 19).

AFRIEF and GLOCAL through this partnership, will exchange information and explore opportunities to support the efforts of African governments to expand access to quality healthcare, and to promote the development of enduring healthcare infrastructure in urban and rural communities. The collaborating organizations will support the development of comprehensive primary and secondary care hospitals, digital dispensaries and technology in Africa through mutual cooperation.

The partner organizations will also promote the development of sustainable healthcare facilities in Africa through an analysis of practices and policies, pilot activities, exchange of experiences and best practices, networking, and, capacity building.

Speaking on the partnership, Alhaji Baba Yunus Muhammad, President of Africa Islamic Economic Foundation articulated that: This partnership is worth celebrating, as it comes at a time when the reality of the inadequacy of our existing healthcare systems have been laid bare. Covid – 19 has forced us all to re-examine our priorities, and to reach a truth all too absolute. That, nothing we do will matter if we do not put at its center issues of quality healthcare accessibility and affordability. It is to this end that we at the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation will act as a market accelerator and advisor to African governments. In partnership with GLOCAL, a leading company with deep expertise in areas such as telemedicine and healthcare facilities management, we will advocate for the transformation of healthcare services and facilities in urban and rural areas into more liveable, workable and sustainable health facilities. It is the combined hope of AFRIEF and GLOCAL that, the ratification of the MOU, marks the formal start to what will be a long and mutually serving professional relationship. We at AFRIEF are looking forward to a productive working relationship with GLOCAL as we pursue our mutual objective of alleviating existential impediments such as poor access to healthcare”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Glocal Healthcare Systems Limited, Dr Syed Sabahat Azim shares similar thoughts on the strategic importance of the AFRIEF GLOCAL partnership. He says: “Africa faces huge challenges in terms of healthcare needs and at the same time it has a huge opportunity of being able to jump the technological ladder. The fact that it has not much of a legacy problem, the Africa of today can rewrite its history with a fresh perspective and get the benefits of what Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Point of Care Technologies, Automation and Telemedicine can offer today to solve its healthcare issues. Every civilization that surges ahead has used technology to overcome the resource constraints it has had Vis a Vis the richer more prosperous neighbours who often lose the advantage because they don’t see the need to radically transform themselves. What we are trying to achieve together is not to copy the old models but to create a new future based on innovation, cutting edge technology and science to ensure that everyone can get access to the best that healthcare can offer, at costs that all can afford and make it ubiquitous so that the SDG gap can be leaped over. We have high hopes and aspirations for a joint Africa vision, partnered by GLOCAL & AFRIEF that is bold rather than defensive; self-created rather than a hand-me-down; a self-reliant paradigm and not a charity, innovative rather than a replication and I believe this partnership will work.”

The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation is an independent development organization that provides a distinctive Islamic perspective on economic development and social issues as a solution framework for Africa’s economic, social and environmental challenges. It is registered in the republic of Ghana as a non-profit, and its work encompasses a range of advisory, research, policy development and field-building activities to unlock the potential of Halal finance and private capital to drive inclusive economic growth and development in Africa. It sets the benchmark on public policy and economic development by drawing together the most innovative thinking available from some of the world’s foremost experts and applying that thinking to the challenges facing Africa.. AFRIEF assumed the legal status of a Non-Governmental Organisation on 9th December, 2013 and its secretariat is located in Tamale in the Republic of Ghana.

Glocal Healthcare is a social enterprise from India, (set up in the year 2010) that is rooted in technological innovation and Process automation to make healthcare universal, affordable and accountable. It has created the world’s fourth largest Telemedicine platform, a unique Digital Dispensary System for comprehensive primary care, Technologies for infection transmission prevention and a state of Art Acute Care Hospital System. It has 12 hospitals, 250 Digital Dispensaries, Hellolyf Telemedicine Apps, and a platform that is across Asia & Africa.


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