The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation is pleased to announce an Islamic Economics and Finance Certificate Course, under its Islamic Finance Talent Development Program (IF-TDP). This professional development course is offered for free, and it is a specially designed distance learning program intended to develop the talents of fresh university graduates and other midlevel professionals who have the interest and passion to pursue a meaningful Islamic finance professional career.

The Islamic Economics and Finance Certificate Course is a 12-week course that will require an estimated 10 hours per week of time to complete. Course begins on January 1, 2017 and ends March 30, 2017. At the end of each module are (a) a short self-assessment that is intended to help participants review what they have learned and (b) a list of references for articles and websites with technical information designed to increase their understanding of the Module topic. Participants are required to complete worksheets for each module and are required to write final examinations at the end of the course. Certificates for those who successfully complete the course will be issued in April, 2017.

A unique aspect of the Course is that capable students will be arranged to attend a 7-day structured classroom training on technical skills on Islamic finance, as well as soft skills of communication, business acumen and leadership at the end of the Course to accumulate practical experience through extensive physical learning and working exposures. In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to get-to-know and work with at least one participant from another country. Participants are to be grouped and assigned with a skilled professional mentor who will serve as a course guide and advisor.

According to the President of AFRIEF, Mr Baba Yunus Muhammad, “human resources pose a major obstacle to the potential of Islamic finance in Africa, as there is dearth of qualified staff who understand both technical Islamic principles and have an adequate awareness of Islamic finance. This Program, therefore is committed to developing new scholars and professionals, and to creating and disseminating path breaking knowledge, concepts and tools which advance the understanding and practice of Islamic finance and economics.”

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