AFRIEF Organizes a One-day Transformative Dialogue on Wealth Building Strategies in Communities in Sokoto.

By Halima Sadiya

AFRIEF Organizes a One-day Transformative Dialogue on Wealth Building Strategies in Communities in Sokoto

A one-day Roundtable Dialogue was held in Sokoto, Sokoto State of Nigeria on the theme, Wealth Development in Regional and Local Communities: A Program for Change, on the 10th of October, 2017.

The event which was organised by the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation in collaboration with Duke Consult Limited, Sokoto was a facilitated community-based process intended to advance Sokoto State’s overall prosperity and self-reliance, strengthen its existing and emerging sectors, and increase jobs and incomes for its lower-income indigenes and firms. It was also part of a process to bring together and connect the assets of the entire communities of Sokoto State to meet market demands in ways that would build sustainable livelihoods under its flagship initiative, Wealthy Communities Africa.

According to Mr Baba Yunus Muhammad, President of AFRIEF, the Sokoto Transformative Roundtable was organised to achieve two primary goals. First and foremost, it was to provide a platform for participants to facilitate solutions to their community problems through consensus building, sustainability planning, and scarcity management using a number of proven diagnostic techniques and action processes. Secondly, it was also to provide an opportunity for participants to develop a holistic community vision for both urban and rural communities of Sokoto State through an intellectual process that emphasizes ethical financial planning and asset based paradigm of economic development.

The major outcome of the event was the consensus of the participants to create a state wide Cooperative body that will not only serve as a vehicle that would identify all the enterprising opportunities in Sokoto State but will engage a wide range of local and external partners to turn those opportunities into results that would both build and capture wealth. Furthermore, the Cooperative, under the professional guidance of AFRIEF team would complement or incorporate the prevailing traditional economic development methods, but would intentionally and methodically focus on creating more value that would be rooted in local people, places and firms.

The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF) is an independent Non-Governmental Organization that provides a distinctive Islamic perspectives on economic and social issues. Its Transformative Roundtable Dialogue series is a unique initiative aimed at projecting a positive and sophisticated image of Islamic finance and economics through the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and objective discussions on the various benefits of asset=based and interest-free paradigm of economic development among academicians, decision and policy makers, private sector operators and development practitioners in Africa. These exclusive and multi-sector roundtables take place in various cities in Africa bringing together civil society organisations, governments, regional economic agencies and the private sector to collaborate, network and exchange expertise and address specific economic issues of interest to Africa.

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