The African continent is undergoing a transition, in terms of investor perception of its market potential and is redefining its economic image, filled with boundless economic potential and experiencing unprecedented economic growth. It is moving beyond being attractive mainly as a low – cost hub by presenting itself more and more as a continent with lucrative and diverse investment opportunities. At the same time, it faces its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to good governance, security, and regulations. As the economies of African countries further globalizes and expands, so are its requirements for equipment and services for major sectors such as agriculture, energy, environment, healthcare, high-tech, infrastructure and transportation. Investments in these sectors are estimated to be above two hundred billion US dollars in the medium term.

The Africa Islamic Economic Forum is an annual business event that unites all generations of decision makers, businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs, and experts to collaborate on the emergence of a winning, innovative, fruitful, autonomous, stable continent –an Africa that holds a leadership role in the new international economic order. It is a Forum to share best practices, receive introductions to potential clients and partners, get updated on the latest investments opportunities and the key growth sectors.