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The Collapse of SVB: A Contagion Risk for the Next Financial Crisis?

By Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi The Great Recession seems like an eternity in the past. As an economic scholar, I didn’t even witness the financial meltdown up close but read about the absolute chaos emanating from the noughties in books and academic entries. Over the course of the last decade, I am sure I wasn’t […]

Saturna Unveils Shariah-Compliant Investment Platform for Digital Investors

Saturna Sdn Bhd, a Shariah-compliant financial services company, today (9 March) officially launched its digital platform to help investors grow their wealth ethically and securely. The online tool allows individuals to start their investment journey with just a few clicks, guided by Saturna’s deep expertise in the world of Islamic finance. Unlike other offerings currently […]

From Japan to the World: How Halal Wagyu Beef is Making its Mark

By our Special Correspondent Halal wagyu beef is a premium meat gaining popularity worldwide due to its unique flavor, tenderness, and high quality. It is a type of beef that is produced according to halal standards, which means that it is slaughtered in a way that is humane and follows Islamic dietary laws. Halal wagyu […]

Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Saylor Academy Partner to Leverage Free Education for Sustainable Skill Development

Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF) is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Saylor Academy, to provide flexible, affordable learning opportunities for AFRIIEF’s communities and those interested in joining its programs. As part of AFRIIEF’s mission to support human capital development across the African continent, learners will be able to earn certificates in key […]


The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF), an independent Islamic economic development organization and the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (Lagos Branch), a chartered institution committed to the raising of professional economists in Nigeria have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with a general objective to have an association to foster the […]

A Glimpse into The Global Halal Industry [2023]

The Halal industry is much more than just food on your plate. It’s a way of life that encompasses the entire ecosystem, from food production to consumerism.  The Halal industry is a booming global market. The global Islamic economy comprises seven sectors — Islamic finance, Halal food, modest fashion, media and recreation, Muslim-friendly travel, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. It is […]

What China’s $540 Million Energy Deal with Taliban in Afghanistan Means

By  Syed Raiyan Amir The Taliban celebrated the signing of their first international deal since taking power in August 2021 with a televised event on January 5, 2023. The document signed is a contract for the exploitation of oil reserves in northern Afghanistan with a Chinese business. In accordance with the agreement, Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum and […]

Why Has Islamic Finance Not Been Able To Reduce Poverty in Muslim Countries?

By our Special Correspondent Islamic finance is a financial system based on principles derived from the teachings of Islam. It aims to provide an alternative to the traditional, interest-based financial system, which is considered haram (forbidden) in Islam. One of the main goals of Islamic finance is to promote economic development and reduce poverty in […]

China’s Demand for Africa’s Donkeys is Rising. Why it’s Time to Control the Trade

By Lauren Johnston In recent years, there’s been a huge, rising demand for donkey hides in China, where they are used to make an ancient health-related product called ejiao. Ejiao is made from collagen that’s been extracted from donkey hides mixed with herbs and other ingredients to create medicinal and health consumer products. It’s believed to have properties that strengthen the […]