Intellectual gatherings remain our principal tool of knowledge sharing and social engagement. In addition to our publishing activities, the core of our intellectual work is our biweekly colloquium series, which runs more or less every other Saturday. Each month the colloquium series is organized around a single theme, with each session intended to build upon the previous one

The colloquium series which attract top scholars in the relevant fields from around the globe explores pressing issues in Islamic economics, Global economy and leadership. The colloquia, led by experts in their respective fields, serves as a platform for dialogue and discussion on topics ranging from Islamic finance (banking, insurance & sukuk), scholarly research reports, digital currency, Halal industry, climate and environmental issues, healthcare, agriculture and agro-industry, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The series takes place via Zoom, and is free and open to the public. The Zoom link is always emailed to participants in advance of each date.