There are times when it is necessary to communicate news that is sorrowful for all of us. During those times, we must be prepared to support each other as we deal with the many feelings that we begin to experience. It is therefore with the greatest of sadness and sorrow that I deliver to you today the heartbreaking news of the death of our sister, colleague and friend, Hajiya Hadiza Muhammad. Hajiya Hadiza, 44, died on 3rd of December, 2016, in her native Zaria, Kaduna State, Federal Republic of Nigeria after a protracted illness. On behalf of myself as her husband, the entire Africa Islamic Economic Foundation team, I have taken the liberty of sending out to the AFRIEF community, her family, friends, and well-wishers, our most heartfelt condolences and sympathy.

Hajiya Hadiza Muhammad will be deeply missed at the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF), leaving behind now only those fond memories we have of her. Prior to her eminent death, she requested that I pass on to all of you, that we should not grieve her death, but rather, celebrate her life and continuously pray for her to be warmly accepted by Her Creator. That sounds just like her. Even in death, she still wished to celebrate life! Really, she always did enjoy life to the fullest. Her most positive outlook on life was most admirable, even contagious some would say. She always had a smile for everyone and was highly regarded by everyone who ever had the opportunity to meet or interacted with her.

Until her death, Hajiya Hadiza Muhammad, combined many roles at AFRIEF. Aside being its founding member, she coordinated the activities of the Foundation’s Africa Women Entrepreneurship Forum (AWEF), edited its quarterly publication, the Africa Islamic Finance Report and coordinated its business development department. Indeed, she was one of those people who have devoted their lives to action with a view to re-establishing firm links with their societies and their Creator. Regardless of the challenges she may have had in the course of discharging her responsibilities, everyone who had ever had the privilege of working with her, always found her a special pleasure to work with.

Such an extraordinary person Hadiza was. This is truly a great loss to our young organization, and to our community as a whole. She will be profoundly missed by everyone whose lives she touched. Nevertheless, by her own last wishes, let us remember Hajiya Hadiza Muhammad each time, with a gratitude to Allah, the Most High, and sincere prayers to Him, to forgive her of all her shortcomings, shower His infinite mercies on her, and take her departed soul to the highest of the stations of His Heavenly Abode.

Baba Yunus Muhammad


14th December, 2016.

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