Infrastructure is crucial and plays a key role in all the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economy, the environment and society. From transport systems to power-generation facilities and water and sanitation networks, it provides the services that enable society to function and economies to thrive. This puts infrastructure at the very heart of efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Encompassing everything from health and education for all to access to energy, clean water and sanitation, most of the SDGs imply improvements in infrastructure.And as the world seeks to meet ambitious targets, such as the SDGs (as set out in the global Agenda 2030) and the Paris Agreement on climate change, infrastructure is becoming more widely recognised.

This Department is supervised by the Vice President -Infrastructure, who leads the AFRIEF team in advising Public and Private sector entities on Public-Private Partnerships, Renewable energy, Water and sanitation, ICT, Transport, Urban Development and Services and Islamic project financing.