In line with our objectives of reducing poverty, promoting Islamic financial-sector development, and broadening financial inclusion in African countries, the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation has launched a special program, the Islamic Capital Market Development Program to support African Governments and private sector entities to  address how to best deploy Islamic finance in PPP delivery and capital market frameworks, and how to most effectively develop the relevant policy, legal, regulatory, and institutional interventions that are necessary to successfully attract impact Investments and expand Islamic financing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The objectives of the Program are to strengthen key government areas, including:

  1. the regulatory and policy framework of the Islamic capital markets;
  2. the development of the infrastructure to support securities transactions; and
  3. the creation of public understanding of the workings of the Islamic capital markets and their roles as shareholders of privatized firms.

The project consists of three components:

  1. POLICY: The policy support component supports the development of an Islamic finance legal and regulatory framework.
  1. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT: The infrastructure development component provides technical assistance, equipment, facilities and investments to establish and strengthen the securities depository, registry, clearing and settlement facilities.
  1. PUBLIC AWARENESS: The public awareness component provides technical assistance to devise, develop and execute a mass media public awareness campaign. The campaign would seek to improve the general public’s understanding of Islamic capital markets and of their role and rights as participants. Contact us via