Roadshows are one of our effective instruments of social action and public engagement to raise public awareness and sensitise decision makers towards Islamic finance as a clean and efficient sustainable financial solution that can play an important role in promoting inclusive growth, reducing inequality and accelerating poverty reduction in Africa. Our Islamic Finance Roadshows are aimed at projecting a positive, sophisticated image of Islamic Finance through the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and objective discussions on the various benefits of Islamic finance among academicians, policy makers, private sector and development practitioners.The overall aim of the Roadshows is to create a well- represented and a well-attended platform for experts, authorities, regulatory bodies, banking and financial institutions and other stakeholders in Islamic Finance implementations to coordinate their efforts in order to strategically adapt the current trends in Islamic finance and banking services.

The Program plans to organise series of Islamic Finance Roadshows in the 54 capitals of African Countries between 2015 and 2020.


  • Overall, the roadshows will highlight case studies of excellence and success stories of Islamic finance projects elsewhere and encourage governments and the private sector to take the lead in developing the Islamic finance market in Africa.
  • Each roadshow event will follow a common format, targeting around 250-300 participants.
  • The development of each roadshow will be undertaken with a range of different cooperation partners, including:
  •  Islamic Development Bank,
  • Islamic Finance Institutions in other Parts of the World,
  • Central Banks and other Regulatory Agencies,
  • Commercial and Investment Banks,
  • Stakeholders from Relevant industry stakeholders.


 Overview of Islamic Finance

  • Islamic Banking
  • Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
  • Sukuk (Islamic Bond)

 Market Developments, Challenges & Opportunities in Africa’s Islamic Finance Sector

  • Critical analysis of current Islamic banking practices and their long-term effects on the industry and economy
  • Addressing regulatory challenges: What needs to be done to facilitate the growth of Islamic finance in Africa?
  • Competing with Conventional finance-highlighting the competitive advantages of Islamic finance
  • “War for Talent”-Addressing the shortage of talent in the Islamic finance sector in Africa

Possibilities and Opportunities for Diversification of Islamic Products

  • Developments and updates on existing products
  • The potential for further innovation – structuring better Shari’ah based products
  • Promoting and creating awareness of Islamic micro and SME financing
  • Unlocking the true potential of Islamic microfinance in Africa
  • What products are booming internationally and which of these can be adapted into Africa?

Country Presentation

Facilitating Shari’ah Compliant Investment Flows in Africa through Innovative Products, Structures and Channels

  • Challenges facing the Islamic asset management industry in Africa: developing attractive product propositions and effective distribution strategies
  • Optimal and efficient fund structures for success in the Islamic investment industry in Africa
  • Developing products for the high-net worth market in Africa
  • The potential of Takaful: factors for growth
  • Examining the crucial issue of Shari’ah compliance for today’s Islamic investments structures and products
  • Shari’ah based financing under syndication in Africa: Prospects and challenges

Case Studies: Islamic Finance and the Success Story
Crucial Steps to Take Africa’s Islamic Finance to the Next Level

  • Identifying Africa’s competitive advantage to compete in the Islamic finance market
  • Encouraging cross-border collaborations and facilitating international players’ knowledge transfer for further growth
  • The need for a full-fledged legal framework for Islamic banking in Africa
  • A glimpse into the future: What are the positive developments that we expect to see in the next 5 years?
  • Overcoming Africa’s capital market development challenges


  • Discussion about the exact dates of the roadshows will start as soon as the host country or a city is selected.
  • Host country will be involved in all aspects of the roadshows development, organisation and management including:
  • Preparing an outline plan for the event including potential speakers, stakeholder engagement and the benefits for attending participants;
  • Identifying and booking the venue of the roadshow;
  • Identifying suitable accommodation options for speakers and attendees;
  • Acting as the central point of contact with the venue to ensure that all the requirements for the roadshow are met;
  • Setting up and managing the registration process, which will also be used to disseminate information to registered attendees and speakers e.g. accommodation options, venue location;
  • The host country will also assist in the development and dissemination of marketing information.


Among the different project objectives, the Islamic finance Roadshows aim at facilitating the exchange with successful Islamic finance initiatives in the international finance community, focusing in particular on developing a new collaborative network exchanges of experiences and knowledge transfer between those countries and institutions and vice-versa.

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