Working for inclusive development requires a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and participatory approach that combine industry with private-public investment, supported by a wide range of different professionals from various professions for delivering greenfield infrastructure, viable commercial and economic development projects through Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), using knowledge based products and services as tools for empowerment, from the local to the global level, in villages and in international bodies.  For this reason, the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF) mobilizes the skills of vibrant and committed team of professional and experts to develop the experience and references necessary to properly conduct its development and professional missions. The team comprises a mixture of high level professionals and intellectuals and individual experts, carefully selected with the aim of achieving balance in terms of geography, technical expertise and prominence.

This team provides a forum for debate on global developments in Islamic economics and finance, academia, agriculture and green economy, infrastructure and entrepreneurial development and etc.  In addition, the team also provides an opportunity for eminent international experts to hold an open exchange of views in a private setting. Important minutes of the proceedings and recommendations are published for the benefit of a wider audience. Meetings of the team are held electronically (video conference or telephone to discuss strategic issues relating to the global mobility of researchers and the internationalization of research.

Our interests are wide and diverse but not limited to the following:

    Agriculture (Processing, Value Chains and Policies)
    Urbanization and Smart Cities
    Governance and Leadership
    Drinking Water, Sanitation and Waste management
    Renewal Energy and Natural Resource Management
    Microfinance and Entrepreneurship development
    Cooperatives and Community Wealth Building
    Islamic Economy
    Public Private Partnerships
    Venture Capital
    Capital Market
    Education and Human Services

We are currently in the process of updating our roster of freelance consultants/experts and specialists. At the same time we are looking forward to adding more experts and specialists in our database for future mutually beneficial cooperation. Should you be interested in your profile being added to our database, please send us your updated CV/resume. This will allow us to match you with relevant upcoming opportunities. To send us your CV/Resumé, please complete the form below