• This Department, which is under the direct supervision of the Vice President- Business Development, organises AFRIEF’s annual forums, round table discussions, periodic seminars, symposia, public lectures, conferences, workshops and online educational programs.
  • Organises research into Islamic economics and development of curriculum in basic and applied Islamic economics, etc.
  • Coordinates the research activities, economic and financial data collection projects of the Foundation and disseminates their results through publications.
  • Provides Advisory services to private and public sector institutions, including governments in the following sectors: Regulatory Frameworks; Shari’ah Audit and Advisory, Research, Guidelines and Toolkits; Conversion to Islamic Banking, Full-Fledge Islamic Banking and Windows; Takaful; and Technical Support for Sukuk Issuance.
  • Provides professional development and customised training programs in Islamic Economics; Shari’ah Governance; Shari’ah Standards; Islamic Banking and Takaful products and Instruments; Waqf and Zakat.
  • Undertakes research in the areas of technology, monetary policy, taxes, regulation, energy, small business financing and more to support our advocacy efforts. The results of our research are used to educate lawmakers, policy leaders, media, coalition partners, and the public about the vital role small businesses and entrepreneurs play in job creation, innovation, economic growth and a country’s competitiveness. What is more, results of the research projects help the Foundation to advance policies and initiatives that encourage start-up activity and small business growth in Africa.