The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation is an independent development organization that is dedicated to fostering knowledge, entrepreneurship, leadership development, sustainable economic growth in Africa. They promote skills development and innovation among African youth, with a special emphasis on technology transfer and wealth creation, by providing them with greater access to education and business support services to build sustainable businesses and companies with high growth potential.

Working in close collaboration with their strategic partners, they support African Governments, private sector organizations and other community-rooted institutions as a trusted and neutral advisor to explore viable economic opportunities within the context of the country’s own growth and development goals, to design and implement well-functioning market economy programs. Their services are demand driven, respond to in-country needs within the framework of national priorities and take into account varying national circumstances.

Their mission is to help shift the prevailing paradigm of economic development, and of the economy as a whole, towards a new system that is ethical, place-based, inclusive, collaborative, and ecologically sustainable. They are committed to the promotion of ventures for the intellectual nourishment of humanity. Within this, they put research work at the center of their efforts, with the goal of better understanding and interpreting trends and structures of social-economic phenomena for the advancement of knowledge.

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