The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF), operates through highly placed individuals, who act as ambassadors and liaison between their country’s public, private and social institutions and the organization in their respective countries. We believe the best ideas come from a room full of differing opinions. In addition, if we can utilise our substantial resources, we would be able to bring different minds and disciplines to the table, which will result in an out-of-the-box thinking instead of conventional solutions.

Beyond their primary responsibilities of advocacy, awareness and mobilization of public/political opinion in support of the strategic goals of the Organization in their respective countries, the Ambassadors play an integral role in ensuring that their countries’ priorities and presence are well represented in all AFRIEF activities.

AFRIEF appoints one Ambassador per African country. Appointments are voluntary, merit-based and valid for four years but are subject to renewal (with an 8-year term limit) by mutual agreement based on an assessment of active engagement and involvement in activities of the ethical economy throughout the tenure. The appointed role is merit based and results in quite a number of both rewarding and fulfilling opportunities. The Ambassadors operate independently from their private homes and offices and maintain regular contacts with AFRIEF’s headquarters in Ghana.


​The position of AFRIEF Ambassador is open to African civil servants and public officers, working full time for governmental agencies that are considered economic stakeholders in their country.

​All positions are voluntary and duties are to be performed during the free time of the Ambassador.

​All applicants must accept AFRIEF’s 11-Point Code of Ethics and any policy directives from the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation.