The International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Foundation shall be composed of not less than 31 persons, comprising a mixture of high level professionals, intellectuals and individual experts, carefully selected with the aim of achieving balance in terms of geography, technical expertise and prominence.

Duties of the IAB

The International Advisory Board (IAB) shall:

  1. The IAB shall provide a forum for debate on global developments in Islamic economics and academia, banking and finance, halal and entrepreneurial development policy and strategy.
  1. The IAB shall provide a policy-level advice on the orientation and content of the program work of the Foundation to the President, through the provision of information related to specific needs in African countries within the areas of focus for the Foundation.
  1. The IAB shall provide information on relevant technical activities and developments in each of the areas of focus for the Foundation, which the Foundation could utilize in its delivery of projects.
  1. IAB shall provide information on relevant financial support for possible pilot projects implemented by the Foundation.
  1. The IAB shall provide strategic advice and guidance to increase the effectiveness of the Foundation in developing and undertaking innovative strategies and projects. The IAB members, either individually or collectively, also provide guidance on increasing the effectiveness of ongoing projects and initiatives.
  1. The members of IAB shall be informed of the activities and work progress of the Foundation through specific activity reports every six months. The members are individually or collectively, requested to provide specific inputs or comments in relation to development of major programmes and projects in their areas of specialization.

Meetings of IAB

The IAB shall meet at least once every year during the annual Africa Islamic Economic Forum of the Foundation. Possible additional meetings are held electronically (video conference or telephone) to discuss strategic issues relating to the Foundation’s activities.