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Nigeria, a country marked by its vibrant culture, diverse ethni-cities, and abundant natural resources, faces formidable healthcare challenges that have persisted for decades. These challenges include limited access to quality healthcare, inadequate healthcare infrastructure, shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, especially in primary healthcare settings, inadequate training programs, brain drain, maternal and child health issues, low health insurance coverage, and a high burden of preventable diseases. Primary healthcare, the cornerstone of any robust healthcare system, remains underfunded and underdeveloped, leading to suboptimal health outcomes for millions of Nigerians. Traditional financing models in healthcare, such as government budgets and grants from international organizations, are often insufficient to address the complex challenges in the sector. Given the limited fiscal space and competing demands on the budgets of the various governments of the federation, there is a pressing need to explore innovative and sustainable financing mechanisms that can leverage local resources, attract private sector investments to address the critical challenges faced by the Nigerian healthcare system, with a particular emphasis on primary healthcare.