Ghana’s Long Journey to Islamic Finance

By Baba Yunus Muhammad

Islamic finance today has become a global growth phenomenon that no region or country can afford to ignore. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2020/21, an annual industry report produced by Thomson Reuters, the global market for Islamic financial services, as measured by Shariah compliant assets, is estimated to have reached US$2.88 trillion, and projected to reach US$3.69 trillion by 2024. Islamic commercial banks account for the bulk of the assets with investment banks, Sukuk issuances, funds and insurance making up the balance. With over 500,000 Islamic financial institutions operating around the world, Islamic finance is set to become a major global player in the world of finance. The factors that drive the growth of Islamic finance range from increased petrodollar investments from the Gulf, growth in Muslim population and the ethical character and financial stability of Islamic financial products.

Currently, the Middle East and South East Asia and some few African countries, are the primary locations for Islamic capital. In particular, Malaysia, Iran and the majority of countries from the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) such as Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar are seen as the main centers of Islamic finance, with significant activity also taking place in the UK and more recently in countries such as Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Jordan and Syria and some Asian countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

Islamic finance in Ghana

However, amidst all the talk of bubbling Islamic finance hubs globally, there remains much to be achieved on purely a domestic basis in certain key countries. Ghana is a clear example. With the exception of Nigeria, there is probably, no country in Africa that offers greater potential for the growth of Islamic finance than Ghana! Read more>>

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