Saturna Unveils Shariah-Compliant Investment Platform for Digital Investors

Saturna Sdn Bhd, a Shariah-compliant financial services company, today (9 March) officially launched its digital platform to help investors grow their wealth ethically and securely.

The online tool allows individuals to start their investment journey with just a few clicks, guided by Saturna’s deep expertise in the world of Islamic finance. Unlike other offerings currently available in the market, Saturna takes an investor-friendly approach by charging no sales or redemption fees and no hidden charges. Potential investors can also enjoy flexibility as Saturna’s funds have no minimum holding period.

“Our new online platform is designed to be simple and secure for a seamless user experience,” said Shahariah Binti Shaharudin, President of Saturna Sdn Bhd. “It is accessible enough for anyone to start investing in Shariah-compliant solutions immediately, regardless of their experience or investment budget.”

The launch of Saturna’s digital platform was officiated by Ruslena Ramli, Director of Digital Finance and Islamic Digital Economy, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), who expressed her hope that more organizations in the Islamic finance space will adopt innovative solutions to further grow the industry. “With this online platform, Saturna has led the way in making Islamic-based investment opportunities available to a wider audience, allowing more people to benefit from the wealth of expertise they have to offer,” said Ruslena.

In addition to Islamic principles, Saturna’s funds also comply with global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, investing in companies with socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices or products. Read more>>

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